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    (In french and english with english subtitles)



    An old classroom full of scattered, disparate objects. The bell rings, a teacher appears and instructs viewers to take out their textbooks. The class begins. Gradually breaking with the codes and regulations of the scholarly environment, the performance unfolds, introducing the phenomenon of the “Jeune-Fillisation” (“YoungGirlization”) of the world, based on a kind of guided reading of the textbook inspired by Premiers matériaux pour une théorie de la Jeune-Fille (Raw Materials for a Theory of the YoungGirl) by the Tiqqun collective. Sound poetry, lessons from a one-of-a-kind ballet instructor, songs, sculptures and music by a string quartet combine to form this multifaceted and symbolic portrait of the Jeune-Fille (YoungGirl) drawn by the Bureau de l’APA and its collaborators from diverse artistic domains. Daring, undisciplined handiwork.

    La Jeune-Fille et la mort premiered in Quebec City in 2010 and was remounted in 2012 at the Mois Multi 13 Festival and Espace Libre in Montreal and in 2013 at TransAmériques Festival (Montreal).